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How to Buy Like a Seller

How to Buy Like a Seller

If you’re in the market to buy a home, take a counter-intuitive tip and imagine the day you’ll be selling it.  That’s right – whether you’re a first time buyer, or relocating, this home probably won’t be your last, so look for features that will pay off when the day comes to move again.

North, south, east or west, the biggest amenity the next buyer will look for is central air conditioning.  In the Deep South, over 90% of buyers rank central air as critically important, and three-quarters of buyers everywhere else put it high on the list.

Another often-overlooked feature is storage.  Over half of buyers desire a two-car garage and a walk-in closet for the master bedroom.  Ample closets and storage space just can’t be stressed enough.

If at all possible, avoid costly upgrades and offer incentive down the road by purchasing an energy efficient home with newer windows, pervasive insulation, and Energy Star appliances.  If the home is already wired for cable, satellite, and high-speed Internet, so much the better.

Finally, it’s still all about location, location, location.  It’s the one thing you can’t change about the home you buy, so look for good schools (even if you don’t have children) and proximity to shopping and recreation.  Just ask your agent about the most popular features in your area and take heed!