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A Warm Invitation

A Warm Invitation

In spring and summer, it’s easy to envision ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal with a trimmed lawn, planted and potted flowers, and patios and decks arranged with outdoor furniture and an inviting grill.  But when the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, even homes in temperate climes undergo a winter transformation that can challenge a seller to create exterior appeal.

When it comes to landscaping and colorful plants, there are plenty of ornamental grasses and plants that look great in wintertime.  Purple cabbages, fountain grasses, and potted evergreens along pathways and by the door all add seasonal color and appeal.  And obviously, your sidewalk, entry path, patio and deck should be clear of leaves and/or snow.

Be sure to keep in mind that shorter days mean that buyers are that much more likely to see your home after sunset, so make sure all your floodlights are clean and in working order, highlighting your home’s exterior features.  Lamps with soft lighting in all your windows will also offer a warm invitation.

Finally, just to cover your bases, have photos available of your home in all its glory during the spring and summer months.  This gives buyers a better sense of your home’s appeal during all the seasons of the year.  Your agent will have more tips for attracting buyers in any kind of weather.